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Whether you love Palomo Mezcal alone or mixed into a cocktail, others feel the same way. Discover Palomo Mezcal in the news and read about its recent awards!

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Palomo Mezcal Espadin Joven Review

Assertive, affordable, and makes killer cocktails.

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The 2024 Rolling Stone Spirits Awards

Named BEST ESPAD├ŹN, Rolling Stone calls this “An extremely approachable mezcal for both seasoned and newer mezcal drinkers, and “A perfect addition to a well balanced, agave-forward bar cart.”

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The 2023 Esquire Spirit Awards

“From the latest, great affordable bourbon to a new cognac that will make you love cognac, here are all of the newest bottles you’ll want to seek out and savor.”

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Best Holiday Wines & Spirits

“Palomo Mezcal Artisanal Espadin, packs a flavor punch of cooked agave with citrusy notes that is delicious neat, and holds up to any cocktail.”